Ozden Melliarch

Ozden is a dwarf cleric in loyal service to Thor, the great god of thunder and all things awesome.

Ozden’s full back story

TLDR: Ozden’s backstory condensed.

Ozden lived a happy – if boring – life in the Redbin Valley, amongst a small colony of dwarves. He was considered one of the more devout worshippers of Thor. Ysgild, a fisherdwarf’s daughter, has caught his eye.

His village of Tretzanvisk, situated on the Redbin river, was assaulted by a greedy red dragon (who Ozden later identified as Verovian, a dragon who was kicked out of his territory and forced to search for new lands). Verovian burned most of the structures and claimed anything valuable for himself, leaving Ozden’s lifelong home in smoldering ruins.

Verovian terrorized the surrounding lands and townships for many months, until Zenphegian, a powerful silver dragon, took it upon herself to defend the peoples of the Redbin river valley and expunge Verovian from the territory, forcing the red dragon to retreat farther north into unsettled wilderness. Needless to say, Verovian was not pleased by this, and seeks revenge against Zenphegian and the river valley. Zenphegian remains in her new lair, standing protector over the river valley, to ensure its continued safety from Verovian.

Despite Zenphegian’s extrodinary help and aid in not only defending but also in rebuilding, rebuilding Ozden’s village of Tretzanvisk is woefully underfunded and difficult. As such, Ozden ventures out into the world to earn gold or anything else to help with the reconstruction and ongoing success of his small village. Regretfully, he leaves behind Ysgild, unmarried, as he travels. He also leaves behind his younger sister, Naiyana Melliarch, and father, Kedelston Melliarch.

He holds the well being of his home village before almost anything else, and ventures out into the world to earn gold and other resources to help his village. Specifically, he searches for the famed artifact, the Bracers of Sif (Thor’s wife).

Ozden Melliarch

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