Blood Magic

“Mmm, this blood magic. Flesh magic. Older than words. More much power. This magic
she will hear. She will hear and remember her true ones.”
‘So no incantations, then?’
“No words. Hmph. She gives no care about words. Word magic.”
“There is only one word she—”
‘One word?’
-A demonic Cleric and a member of the Watchers Council discussing Blood Magic.

Blood Magic, also known as Flesh Magic, is older than any other form, with the possible exception of Divine magic from genuine deities.

Imagine the Weave as a sheet of cloth. Word Magic works by folding the Cloth to suit the casters will. Blood Magic is more like ripping the Cloth and sewing a new piece in its place.

Today, Word Magic, or simply Magic, is by far more common, but Blood Magic practitioners still exist, typically in the fringe of society.

Blood Magic is generally thought of as archaic, brutal, and outright evil. Blood Magic is so reviled and feared that if there is sufficient evidence of a person within a city using it, they are often taken in the night with no trial.

Those who practice it are drawn to it for several reasons.
First, it is undeniably powerful. Blood Magic can accomplish things easily that Word Magic struggles to do. The drawback of this is that Blood Magic typically takes longer to perform. Word Magic is weaker, but faster.

Second, Blood Magic requires less in the way of natural talent and less time spent studying. A wizard uses Word Magic to manipulate the Weave to his will, but a Blood Priest need not understand the weave to shape it, as long as he performs the ritual. Blood Priests often dont even understand the rituals they perform, as long as they are performed correctly each step of the way, the ritual will work.

Third is the simple fact that those who perform Blood Magic tend to be sadistic and take pleasure in the murder and mutilation of other creatures.

This information is generally known by anyone who has even only a few years of dealing with or studying magic, or by those who have witnessed Blood Magic being performed and asked about it later. The bulk of the population wouldnt know about Blood Magic, save perhaps rumors or campfire stories.

Blood Magic

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