His Royal Highness, High Prince Hildebrand Von Hammelberg the 4th, Lord Reagent of the Arcane, and Master of the Light


High Elf. 5’10", 117 years old.


Born Hildebrand Von Hammelberg the 4th, Heir to the throne of the Kingdom Of Helinia. During his younger years he was lavished in wealth and luxury, educated by the finest Elven Tutors, and clothed in only the finest silk. He was raised predominately by the king’s brother, and adviser Lashul Orndacil, due to his family’s busy schedule. Unbeknownst to everyone, however Lashul coveted the throne and patiently sought an opportunity to seize it for his own.

Lashul’s opportunity soon presented itself when The King decided to celebrate Hildebrand turning 20 by taking a trip to one of the families estates located in the Grouse Creek Mountains. While traveling though a normally peaceful mountain pass their convoy was struck by a rock-slide, and their carriage. went careening off the road and into a nearby river, the force of the impact knocked Hildebrand unconscious.

When he regained consciousness he saw Lashul searching through the wreckage of the carriage with the royal guard. as Hildebrand yelled out for help Lashul stood and turned toward him, revealing a blood soaked dagger in his hand. Realising something was amiss Hildebrand scrambles toward the nearby forest, but is slowed by his injuries and quickly grabbed by a few guards. As the guards held Hildebrand on his knees, Lashul finished digging though the debris and luggage and then approached. He looked coldly into Hildebrand’s eyes and said “I wasn’t expecting any survivors… Least of all you.” Pausing to wipe his dagger down with a cloth. “Oh, but you didn’t survive, did you?” He finished, then thrust his dagger into Hildebrand’s abdomen. Hildebrand fell over lapsing in and out of consciousness. Seeing only his own blood flowing down the river, and Lashul riding down the road with the rest of the Royal guard.

Next thing he knew Hildebrand was in a torch-lit cave under a pile of bear skins, a number of empty glass vials laying beside him. “so you’re awake” a voice called from the darkness. “I didn’t think you’d make it to be honest”. As his vision came back into focus Hildebrand say an human working at a desk at the far end of the cave.


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