King Yeemik

King of the Goblins


Little is known about Yeemik at the moment.

When he was first found, he was second in command of the Cragmaw clan stationed in Cragmaw Cave, serving under Klaarg the Bugbear, who himself served under King Ghrol the Bugbear.

Yeemik eagerly took the chance to make a deal with the Party after they defeated Klaarg, trading Sildars freedom for the lives of the Goblins and a share of Klaargs treasure.

Yeemik especially liked Rodolpho, and told him that he would be welcome to join the tribe if he ever desired. Yeemik wrote down something and gave it to Rodolpho that is essentially a passport to Goblins.

By the time the Party got to Cragmaw Castle around a week later, tales of Yeemik had spread at least as far as the Castle, and the Goblins there took the opportunity that the Party created, to flee the Castle and, presumably, join Yeemik.


King Yeemik

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