Gurk Nah'Mless

strange little goblin


Found as a captive in the tent of Brughor

Gurk is a scout and had been spying on the Orcs for three days before being captured.

He was able to give the party some information.

First, the Orcs are using blood magic, and he notes that Blood Magic is so foul that even the goblin tribes wont use it.

Second, he tells them that there is a Dragon Cultist in the process of absorbing the Orc camp into the Dragon Cult, though it was unclear whether the Cult were paying the Orcs as mercenaries, converting them religiously, conquering them through force, etc.

Third, he warns the players to be careful about how they kill the Orcs in the camp, especially stressing not to get any blood on the runes.

While captive, he pleaded with the party to “save me, kill me, just dont leave me with the Orcs!”

When released, he immediately ‘glomped’ Rodolpho, and was then in a bit of awe when he realized who Rodolpho was, and revealed that its been a standing order for Goblins to ’help the halfling in the red cloak"


Gurk Nah'Mless

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